What is RepDonkey?

our sales team enters the data by using the tools they already touch daily. They just set meetings on a calendar and the donkey publishes a pipeline, funnel, dashboards, reminders...whatever you ask him to. Just like that. This is truly a relationship manager, curated by a Donkey of the highest intelligence.

The Donkey is Smart

He uses ETL to find out what really happened from any reports you care to feed him.

And it isn't just for your sales team

The donkey shares the pipeline with your customers and principals….but he bifurcates it first, so they only see what belongs to them...behind a secure portal.

Here is where the magic happens

Your customers can see the relationship. It is not just YOUR crm, it is their CRM. And nobody likes entering anything in a CRM, so the donkey does it for everyone. Everyone.

Nobody “creates an opportunity”

...which is usually “an opportunity for management to beat up on sales”. The donkey does it. And the customer updates it...because the donkey did the hard part.

And when the donkey is all done...

...the data is sitting for you in a formal, ordinary CRM fo you to enjoy, if that is how you roll….filled with Opportunities, Quotes, Emails, Purchase orders and all that good stuff...but the day to day work? Well, it just really isn’t.

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